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Sensual Massage London Therapy

Sensual massage London is a system of integral development and general welfare on all levels, physical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual thereby achieving unity and harmony. The word Sensual comes from two words -ta not (spread) and tray at (free) Sensual is a path of transformation, awareness and less emphasis on asceticism and renunciation as in almost all other systems of personal development. In Sensual Massage London we do not seek how to prohibit rather turn it into a higher quality, which gives more happiness and harmony.

Sensual Massage London Therapy

Sensual Massage London

Most spiritual systems have a negative attitude towards sexual energy. Sensual massage system is a system that has a positive outlook on sexuality and sexual energy and in sensual massage as the energy evolution, creativity, healing, wholeness, and ecstasy. Sensual massage is a practice that uses sexual energy for various purposes, such as the possible treatment, physical and emotional healing by enhancing the vitality, creativity and developing higher states of consciousness of ecstasy. Sensual massage is not a dogmatic system and the result of millennia of experience and research of ancient sages and teachers.

Technique of Sensual Massage London Therapy

Sensual massage London teachings are transmitted from teacher to student in direct succession. The secret teachings of sensual massage London are not written and can only be taught orally and by demonstration. The reason why the Sensual teachings were kept secret is that learning would not be misused or came into the hands of unwilling persons. If such a powerful tool is used incorrectly without proper knowledge, understanding and readiness can act destructively.Sensual Massage is the result of experience, and therefore we can say that it is scientifically established and not dogmatic.

Each practice in Sensual massage London brings to mind certain experiences and results. There are practices at all levels, so it is a comprehensive holistic approach (body cleansing, detoxification, various exercises, postures, contraction) beneficial to health and strengthening the entire system. There are different levels of Sensual teaching, and it depends on the temperament, the degree of readiness and awareness. Some people are more physical than emotional and some are of a higher mental activity, and some active-dynamic type, in accordance with these features, the teacher selects specific practices for each person in accordance with their characteristics and the degree of awareness.

Massage female energy plays an important role and sensual massage London services unlike other systems of spiritual development (which underestimates women and considers them inferior) is considered as valuable as a woman and a man. Such an attitude is not the result of some religion or dogma, but the result of research, observation, and experience of a thousand. Sensual teaches duality and cycles which naturally occur in man, and has developed a system that can improve on nature and human life. It coordinates and accelerates its development and ultimately transcends ritualistic consciousness which is the basis for the cessation of suffering.

Sensual is here to help us achieve a full and fulfilling life and achievement and in Sensual massage spirituality is not separate from nature as well as other pathways. Sensual massage is convenient and intuitive. Sensual see spirituality in nature and the power of transcending duality in herself. Nature is divine and we only need to become aware of the potential within us all that lies dormant and must be awakened in order to achieve completeness.